Whistler Guys Study

Guys, Drugs, Sex and Booze

Whistler provides an ideal setting to explore guys’ experiences of intoxicated sex. With a reputation for extreme sports and extreme fun, Whistler is a mecca for young men who want to “live the dream”. What better place to explore the issue of intoxicated sex?

Because sexual health interventions often miss young men and drug education rarely addresses the realities of recreational drug and alcohol use, I wanted to talk to guys themselves about what they see as the risks and pleasures of sex under the influence. From in-depth interviews with 16 young men between the ages of 19 and 31, I gathered 35 stories of intoxicated sex that shed light on the social world in which young men get drunk, get high and have sex.

Whistler Guys Study
Jennifer Matthews, MSc
Health Promotion Studies
University of Alberta


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