Whistler Guys Study

Stories Overview

The 16 participants told a total of 35 stories about experiences of intoxicated sex. To analyse these stories, I separated each story from the interview data, divided each story into “scenes” based on aspects of setting (time & place) and then compared stories to one another.

Two broad categories of stories emerged: public and private stories. Each of these broad categories had 4 genres based on similar themes and practices related to intoxicated sex.

Stories Overview

A narrative approach was used in this study because stories are a natural way for humans to talk about experiences. Details that a person includes or emphasizes in a story provide insight into the social environment in which a person lives. 

These stories revealed that guys in Whistler live in a social environment governed by rules of gender and drug culture that reward risk-taking, but also encourage self-control and moderation based on maintaining a masculine image of competence and independence. 

Whistler Guys Study
Jennifer Matthews, MSc
Health Promotion Studies
University of Alberta


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