Whistler Guys Study

Public Stories

“Stories are like currency here, everybody sits around and tells their crazy stories.” (Jake*) -- *all names are pseudonyms

Public stories were those narratives that participants told for the purposes of entertaining others with humorous and adventurous stories. These stories were characterized by:

Blackout Stories

I was just a mess [the night before] and I wake up the next morning, about 10:00 o’clock in the morning and this girl who I know is sleeping next to me and, what I said next, I’ll remember till the day I die, I looked at her and I said, ‘What are you doing here?’



Ugly Girl Stories

“Um ya, there was one where I woke up and ‘Whoa, she looked prettier last night.’ Of course, and that’s happened to everyone”



Messy Drunk Sex

“I did [use a condom] but, geez, that was hilarious, it didn’t really want to go on, and it made me fall over again because …  it was just like, I never actually took my pants off…you’re pants are still around your ankles and you’re trying to fiddle around, you’re trying to get it on and she’s trying to help but yet she kind of pokes a hole through and so this takes nearly an hour.”



Glory Stories

“And we were just, kept doing lines and probably about an hour after it started, there was just the four of us left and… then it just basically happened from there… Yeah, just doing lines off body parts and it was…I wasn’t going to say no, and it… was nothing planned, there’s nothing talked about, it kinda just happened.



Whistler Guys Study
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