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Privacy Policy

(1) Collecting Users Information

We may collect and store information and data of the Users with which an individual may be identified, when the Users register themselves for mail service, request publications or other materials, apply for employment, or ask questions. Possible collected/stored personal information and data include name, address, name of company or school, position, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, and personal history in case of employment application.

(2) The Scope of the Use of Collected Information

This website stores, uses, and analyzes collected information/data of the Users with which an individual may be identified in the scope of this website's activities. Among the information/data, this website's owner can use those which an individual can be identified with by abiding by the appropriate clauses of this Private Policy.

(3) Disclosure of Collected Information/Data

This website's owner does not disclose collected information/data of the Users, especially those which an individual can be identified with to any third parties intentionally except for the following three cases.

Tis websites owner takes all possible and rational measures to avoid accidental leakage of the collected information/data to third parties.

(4) Security

This website's owner takes rational security measures to prevent loss, leakage, misuse, falsification, and demolition of the collected information/data from the Users with which an individual can be identified. However, please be aware that it is impossible to guarantee the absolute protection of the information/data despite our utmost security measures.

(5) Access Log

This website stores the access log and record of the Users including their IP addresses. An individual cannot be identified by an IP address. The owner uses the recorded access log through the Website only for statistical and analytical purposes for finding access trends and number of access or for troubleshooting when a problem arises in the server. The statistical and analytical results are used for better management and service of the Website for the future by acquiring access trends of the Users.

(6) Amendment of the Privacy Policy

The owner of this website can change the contents of the Privacy Policy if necessity without any prior notice. When the Privacy Policy is amended, that will be announced on the Website. As the Users access the Website the first time after the owner making a change on the Privacy Policy, the Users are considered to agree to the amended Privacy Policy.

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