Whistler Guys Study


Three broad categories of Whistler masculinities emerged from the data: the "Whistler guy", "that guy", and "not that guy." All guys readily identified a central stereotypical figure of the "Whistler guy". Aside from that, guys distinguished themselves from guys who tried too hard to be a Whistler guy ("that guy")and saw themselves as a more accessible, less idealized masculinity of the Whistler guy and yet still an insider in Whistler culture ("not that guy").

That Guy

 try hard
Out of control
Hitting on girls

"I see so many guys do that and just go up tracking women…. I just think it's really sleazy and if I was a girl and some idiot was like just being so cheesy and sleazy, I'd be like, 'what are you doing?'"



"The stereotypical Whistler guy is the shaggy haired 20 to 23 year old, skinny, just wants to go and have as much fun as possible… there's just an extreme attitude, so either they're snow- boarders, skiers, bikers, [or they are the kind of guy who says]'I went to Whistler and … slept with as many women as I could.' It's not a bad thing, it's not held against them, it's almost like people would expect that."


That Guy


"I guess I am… I am a bit self-conscious; I'm always trying to not seem like one of those guys at all… I don't come on too strong. I give them [girls] their space…"



Whistler Guys Study
Jennifer Matthews, MSc
Health Promotion Studies
University of Alberta


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